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Welcome to the website of the Firebrand Community Center! This website is part of a project to create a new community space for grassroots activists in Nashville. The Firebrand is currently in concept phase, but with your help, we can make it a reality. Read about our ideas for the space and find out how you can contribute to creating Nashville's first infoshop!
What's an infoshop?

"An infoshop is a space where people involved with radical movements and countercultures can trade information, meet and network with other people and groups, and hold meetings and/or events."
- Brad Sigal, Beehive Collective

"An infoshop is a cross between a radical bookstore and a movement archive. Activists go there to read or buy movement literature; attend meetings, lectures, or films; or just plain hang out."
- Slingshot

"Infoshops combine a social space, zine archive and library, meeting hall, day care center, concert venue and bookstore into one autonomous space... Infoshops are rooted in DIY (Do-It-Yourself) ethic - they are created by people who are interested in making the revolutionary process happen, not just sitting around and talking about it."
- Chuck Munson, MaximumRockNRoll
What's the Firebrand about?

Our vision for the Firebrand is to create a community space that will inspire and educate people. It will be home to several different organizations and activities and include a wide variety of facilities. Our current vision includes a library, media lab, performance space, meeting space, and a kitchen.
An infoshop bookstore in Norway

The library will house an extensive collection of radical literature from around the world, including the latest zines and progressive newspapers. Books and zines on subjects ranging from foreign trade policy to DIY feminine hygiene will be readily available. The library will also include spaces for reading and computers with internet access.
The video lab at Georgia Tech
Media Lab

The media lab will be a space where artists and activists can use the latest technology to create their own independent media. It will include computer workstations, video editing and copying machines, video monitors, and an audio studio for radio production. The media lab will also have equipment available for loan such as video cameras and tape recorders.
Performance Space

The Firebrand will also serve as a music and performance venue and play host to film presentations, political puppet shows, educational seminars, and dance parties. The Firebrand will be a place where activists can not only work and study, but also enjoy themselves and celebrate the fruits of their labors. As Emma Goldman says, "If I can't dance, it's not my revolution."
Bike Shop

The bike shop will provide a space for those who want to fix bikes, build "Frankenstein" bikes from salvaged parts, or share their knowledge of bicycle repair and maintenance with others. It will also provide a library of tools and equipment to be shared by the community. Through bike building projects and workshops, bicycles will be provided to those who cannot afford them. The bike shop will also support bike-related events and advocacy in order to promote bicycling as an environmentally and physically healthy mode of transportation.